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NCK Skin Therapy - Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Q-switch laser works by heating the ink in the tattoo and crystalizing it. Our body then works to remove the ink through the lymphatic system. The amount of treatments for tattoo removal depends on several factors such as the age of the tattoo, color of the tattoo, type of ink, location of the tattoo as well as the skin type of the client. Sessions for tattoo removal are generally scheduled 8 weeks apart. 

Pricing per session:

XS tattoo: $75 (smaller than a stamp)

Small tattoo: $100 (greater than a stamp up to a credit card)

Medium tattoo: $200 (greater than a credit card up to a quarter sheet of paper)

Large tattoo: $300 (greater than a quarter sheet of paper up to a half sheet of paper)

XL tattoo: Price varies, starts at $450 (greater than a half sheet of paper)

Disclaimer: Treatment pricing is at the discretion of the provider at the time of your service. 

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Does it hurt?

There is discomfort with laser tattoo removal. Cool air and ice are used to assist in the discomfort. The treatments are done very quickly depending on the size of the tattoo.


How many treatments will I need?

This all depends on the specifics of your tattoo. Several treatments are usually required for clearance of the tattoo. An estimate of the number of treatments can be given at the time of the consultation appointment. 


How often are the treatments done?

Treatments are done every 8 to 12 weeks. This allows time for our body to remove the ink particles and healing of the area. It is important to remember that laser tattoo removal takes time!

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